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Major Plants, Animals and Birds of Nepal

Plants of Nepal

* Rhododendron blooms during the springs (Mar to May) in Higher elevation

* Rhododendron's Nepali Name is Lali Guranse or just Guranse in short

* Rhododendron is the National Flower of Nepal adding beauty to the Himalayas of Nepal

* Over 30 species are found in Nepal

* What is orchids? Orchids are flowering plants having the most diverse and species than any other plants. There are about 25000 species of orchids in the world

* 319 species of orchids are found in Nepal

* Nepal has more than 6000 species of plants

* About 245 species of plants are only found in Nepal

* In Nepal, a total of 118 ecosystem, 75 vegetation and 35 forest types have been identified so far.

* Nepalis well known for its forests which attract biologists and geologists for research and study

Major Herbs and Medicinal Plants found in Nepal:
Cordyceps sinensis

Aconitum Spp

Picrorrhiza scrophularaeflora

Swertia multicaulis

Rheum emodi

Nardostachys jatamansi

Ephedra gerardiana

Most rural people in Nepal depend on natural medicines, knowledge of their use is passed on from one generation to the next.

Banyan Tree
* Banyan tree is the national tree of India- Nepal's next door neighbor.

* Many common sitting grounds known as Chautaris (Meaning of Chautari)are made at the foot of This tree. The other famous trees for Chautaris are the Peepul trees.

* Paste made of Roots of Banyan trees is said to condition hair and skin.

* "Banyan tree is the Embodiment of Laxmi" - According to Hinduism

Peepul Tree
* Peepul is worshiped as a trinity of the almighty Hindu Lords Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma

* "Lord Buddha meditated and received enlightenment in 483 BC under a Peepul Tree" - According to Buddhism

* Peepul tree are part of many hindu temples.

* Leaves are used in Hindu religious procession such as doing a Puja

* Peepul Tree can be found all over Nepal.


One Horned Rhino
* One Horned Rhino are abundant in Nepal- their famous place to live on the Earth!

* They are 5 to 6 feet tall, males slightly larger then females, and they weigh upto 6000 pounds (2700 kg)

* They are the only mammal on the planet with a horn on it's nose!

* Rhino is one of the endangered species. Humans continue to kill Rhino for smuggling its horn which is said to have medicinal values.

Bengal Tigers
* Bengal Tigers love Nepal land - more than 80% of the population live in Nepal.

* Bengal Tigers are one of the most endangered species, today they can be found in less than 15 countries.

* Less than 5000 Bengal tigers are surviving on the planet. (Source : WWF Nepal, 2006)

* The image on the right is an illustration of a paw of a bengal tiger - a remarkable and lovely image for animal lovers.

* Cow is a sacred animal, also the national animal of Nepal

* Cows are worshiped special during festivals such as Tihar

* Cow's dung and Urine are used during Puja (Act of honoring, respecting or worshiping Gods)

* Killing or Eating Cow Meat is a Felony in Nepal


Daphne or Lophophorus
* The Daphne is the national bird of Nepal

* These exotic of all pheasants are the inhabitants of high elevation of the Himalayan range

* Over 850 species of birds have been recorded in Nepal

* When they dance, they stretch their wings and tail feathers showing their glorious colors

* Daphne is also called as Monal, which is more commonly used by the people who see them the most - the mountainous people of the country

Major Plants, Animals and Birds of Nepal

Danfe, National Bird of Nepal

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